Professional Experience:

A. Compulsory Rotating Internship:

  One year of Internship in following Hospitals attached to Topiwala National Medical College.
    1. B.Y.L. Nair Hospital
    2. Kurla Bhabha Hospital

        I have worked in various departments as follows.
        Department of General Medicine                                12 weeks.
        Department of General Surgery                                 12 weeks.
        Department of Preventive & Social Medicine              12 weeks.
        Elective Subject General Surgery                                 4 weeks.

During this period I have attended Blood Donation camp and Voluntary Health Services in Rural areas.

B Surgical Experience.

     First Year Residency

  1. General Surgery                   1.2.93 to 31.7.93        Dr. S.R.Karmarkar.
  2. General Surgery                   1.8.93 to 31.1.94        Dr. S.P. Nadkarni.

     Second Year Residency

  1. Casualty & Ortho                 1.2.94 to 30.4.94        Dr. S.V. Shah
  2. C.V.T.S                                 1.5.94 to 31.7.94        Dr. A.P.Chauker
  3. Jr. Residents in                    1.8.94 to 31.12.94      Dr. S.R. Karmarkar
  4. General Surgery                                                    Dr. Mohan Joshi
  5. Surgery Burns                      1.1.95 to 31.1.95        Dr. M.A.Gore        

    Third Year Residency

  1. Sr. Resident in Surgery        1.2.95 to 30.4.95        Dr. S.R.Karmarkar
  2. Sr. Resident in Trauma         1.5.95 to 31.1.96        Dr. S.R.Karmarkar

     Surgery Including Ortho.

   Fourth Year Residency

  1. Surgical Registrar                1.3.96  to  31.07.96     Rajawadi Hospital   Ghatkopar                                                
  2. Surgical Registrar                9.9.96  to  20.12.96     Breach Candy  Hospital                                    
  3. Surgical Registrar                1.4.97  to  22.06.97     Dynaarabia Company. Ministry of Health SaudiArabia.
  4. Surgical   Registrar              1.7.97   to  26.10.99    Holly Spirit Hospital Andheri, Mumbai.

  Details of Surgical Experiences

  During my residency of Surgery I have been Exposed to

  1. Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery.
  2. Management of Casualty/Burns Patients.
  3. “Surgical Gastroenterology” with special Emphasis on Therapeutic and Diagnostic Endoscopy and    HepatoBiliary Surgery.
  4. Demonstration and Clinics for Undergraduate students.
  5. Pre and Post-operative managements of Indoor patients.
  6. Assisted many general Surgical Operation both emergency and elective.
  7. Exhaustive Specialist and Hands on Experience in Surgery for “Emergency Acute Abdomen”
  8. Indepedently  perform  all  major  and  minor  colorectal  surgery  during surgical  training

Superspeciality Experiences.

       1.  CVTS Department: I have assisted   in open heart, Coronary Bypass and Congenital Heart Surgery.
       2.  Pre & Post. Operative management of Cardiac patients in I.C.U. & wards.

Endoscopy Experience.

  1. Oesophago Gastroduodenoscopy.
  2. Diagnostic Cystoscopy.
  3. Assisting ERCP.

Laproscopic Surgery Experience

  1. Laproscopic Cholecystectomy.
  2. Laproscopic Tubal Ligation/appedicectomy
  3. Laproscopic Diagosis for Infertility/chronic abdominal pain

Teaching Experience

      1. Registrar             - 2 years.
      2. Post MS Registrar - 6 months

Post M.S. Experience:

  1. Clinical Assistance in General Surgery
  2. Private Practice.